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How does it work?

LBBA, in partnership with the Gas South Arena provides workers for the arena concession stands and beer portals, and receives a portion of those sales as a donation. The program allows you to work alongside other band parents and students to earn credit toward your student's band fees and mandatory fundraising obligation. The Center has guaranteed a minimum donation of $50 per person per shift to the band as long as we meet all requirements.

The band collects all donations and tips over a given calendar month and divides the total collected by the number of shifts worked. Then each student account will be credited for the number of shifts worked on their behalf by using the following formula:

  • Any funds credited from the Arena, will be credited at 80% to the student's account, which can be used for dues and/or trip fees.

  • Fundraising funds are credited to the students account typically by the 3rd week of the following month.

How do I get started?

To volunteer at the Arena, you must be 16 or older. Volunteer opportunities are sent out via CutTime email (make sure you are signed up for CutTime and have updated your contact information!) each month with available slots, and are a first come, first serve basis. You can then navigate to the CutTime calendar and view which events (concerts, graduations, entertainment) you would like to work. Click on the "volunteer hand" and you will be directed to a page that shows which concession stands are available (Georgia Grill, Cantina, Pizza/Hot Dogs, Beer Portals, etc.), and you enter your name and contact information. Once a stand is full of volunteers, you will receive an email from the volunteer coordinator confirming you for the event. *IF A CONFIRMED EMAIL IS NOT RECEIVED, THIS MEANS WE DO NOT GET TO WORK THE EVENT.*


Volunteers working for a current band student are not limited to just immediate family members, friends and extended family can volunteer on a student's behalf too! Before signing up, each volunteer must read and complete an Arena Volunteer Contract, and email it to Missy Stocks, Arena Volunteer Coordinator, before you are allowed to volunteer for the event.

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