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How does it work?

Where are you spending this year?  Why not consider supporting the band just by shopping? Groceries, clothing, dining out, school supplies, gifts, hair care, hotels, and rental cars – even gasoline.  With over 300 retailers participating, there is likely nothing you can’t buy in the program.  What is it?  Nothing more than pre-paid gift cards sold to the LBBA at a discount.  Buy these cards at face value from the band and use them as normal when you make your purchases…the band makes anywhere from 2% to 15%!  This is a 50/50 split = 50% to the student account and 50% to the general fund. View the video to understand the entire process!

How do I get started?

Scrip is just another way to pay for everyday purchases using gift cards in place of cash, checks, and credit cards. By going to or using their mobile app: RaiseRight, you can place an order. Each order will be automatically drafted from your bank account. For each order (not each gift card) you are charged a 15 cent processing fee, so plan ahead!

**Sign up using the following steps:

1. Go to, click Register and then Join a scrip program. Enter the Enrollment Code: 9B6221EL4L1L4 then follow the remaining steps to create your account.

2. Don't forget to enter your student's name. Family and friends can also register and enter your student's name, and help earn funds for your student as well. So get everyone onboard!

3. Once registered, click Dashboard, at the top, then Family Functions to sign up for PrestoPay. PrestoPay is linked to your bank account for payment of your orders. This can take 2-3 days to verify. Once verified you'll receive an email with a code. Please forward the code to and you will be established as a Lanier Band Scrip member.

1. Plastic Gift Cards- Please note that this method is not always guaranteed. The band can only ship physical cards once enough orders have been generated to cover the cost of shipping.

2. Reload & Reload Now Plastic Gift Cards- Reloading existing plastic gift cards is simple! Pay by 3:30pm and funds are available by 10:30am the next day, Monday-Friday (Please note: Reloads do not process over the weekend). Reload Now cards are eligible for instant funds loading, no waiting period!

3. Scrip Now eGift Cards- Can be printed instantly once purchased. Don't want to print it? Some retailers allow the purchase of ecards using the mobile app, MyScripWallet. Once you've placed your order using the app, you'll go to your cart, click on the Ecard and show the barcode to the cashier for them to scan. It's that easy!



**Shop using the following steps:

At the top of the menu/dashboard click Shop and select the Personal option. Add gift cards to your cart. When finished shopping go to your cart, enter your PIN (which you created during registration) and hit Submit. Please remember that the total of your order will immediately be drafted from the bank account you set up with PrestoPay.


There are 3 ways to shop:

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