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How does it work?

Just by shopping at Kroger you can earn money for the band.  Link your Kroger Plus Card to the Lanier High School Band Booster account. It does not reduce your grocery rewards at all, so get all your friends and family to do it. The proceeds from this on-going fundraiser go to off-set the general costs of the band.

How do I get started?

To Enroll:

1.  Navigate your browser to

2.  Scroll down to the Georgia section, and tap on “Enroll Now”.

3.  If you don’t have a Kroger Plus Account, create an account with the instructions

     below. Continue if you have an account.

4.  Enter your ID and Password. The system will navigate you to your account.

5.  Navigate to your “Account Summary” screen and find the “Community Rewards”

     section in the bottom right. Click Edit.

6.  In the “Find Your Organization” text box, enter 52104 and click Search. The

     system will display the organization name LANIER BAND BOOSTER


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