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How does it work?

Sell Dominos Slice the Price Cards and get Instant Cash for your student's band account! Each Fundraiser Card sells for $10, and the band received 50% of the proceeds ($5). The first $100 in proceeds is credited to your students account at 100% to help satisfy the annual band fundraising obligation. Thereafter, all proceeds are credited at a 50/50 split with the general band fund.


For each student that sells 12 cards, he/she receives one card free for their family from Dominos. Sell 20 cards, and this completes his/her annual fundraising obligation! Fundraiser Cards provide great value: the card can be used unlimited amount of times until it expires and there is no cap to the number of BOGO pizzas! The card can be used for dine-in, carryout or delivery orders, valid at all participating Dominos stores

How do I get started?

Click on the card link to the left to order your card! You may share this link with family, friends, co-workers, etc. via email, social media and word of mouth. Once ordered, cards will be mailed directly to the purchaser. Check out the STP Leaderboard to see which organization has sold the most cards!

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