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Didn’t find what you were looking for? Here we’ve included some of the questions most frequently asked by our parents, students, and prospective band members. If you still have questions, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help!







How does my child join the band?


Most of our students come from the middle school music programs. However, if your child is interested in joining our program, please contact our band directors; they will be happy to talk with you.





What if my child can’t attend a practice or rehearsal?


Our programs depend upon each student to fulfill his/her part, both on the field and off. We aren’t able to practice effectively if students are frequently absent. We understand that occasionally due to illness or other unforeseen events students may occasionally be absent. Please refrain from scheduling doctor’s appointments or other activities during practice or rehearsal times. We’ve attached our complete attendance policy as well as the digital absence form on our Documents & Forms page.





My child has allergies and  needs to take medication. How do I proceed?


If your child needs to self-administer medication, parents or guardians need to fill out the digital Form for Self-Medication located on our Documents & Forms page.





How can I get information posted on the website?


All postings to the Lanier Band website must be approved by the website committee. Submit your request to the committee at





What is a pdf document, and how do I view it?


Portable Document Format (PDF) allows us to view documents that would be too difficult to create or maintain in HTML format. To view and print PDF documents, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. A free copy is available from Adobe's website. Follow the instructions on Adobe's site to download this software. Some documents are created in Acrobat 5.0 for greater accessibility. If you are having trouble viewing the document, please update your version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.



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