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How does it work?

This is our most popular fundraiser each year and is a win for both students and the band.  Selling sheets is simple – who doesn’t need sheets – and it’s made even easier because we offer a high quality product at a deep discount. 

  • Online orders will be shipped directly to them and is a $5.95 shipping fee for the first set and $4.95 each additional sheet.  Online orders run year round so you can continue to earn money anytime someone would like to buy them.  

  • Link is when placing orders our code is LBB and then your childs last name for example LBBsmith.

  • Sheets sets are sold for $40. Each students will get $18 per sheet. 

  • There is a 50/50 split with the band: 50% in the students account, 50% to the general band fund.

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