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The best music is the music you like. Music emotes (gives expression to emotions) love, joy, peace, sadness, excitement, contentment, and motivation. With deeper understanding of music comes a more lavish appreciation of and a fascination with music. Students and adults who understand music theory can explore the deeper concepts in music, and therefore a world is opened to them that creates a lifetime of curiosity and wonder. Music is the one language everyone understands.   


              -Ben Tingle, Director of Bands

Welcome to Lanier Longhorn Bands!

The mission of the Lanier High School Band is to teach young men and women the significance of music and how it affects and imposes itself upon their daily lives. The Lanier Band teaches students the importance of integrity, high character, teamwork, community, civic duty, leadership, compassion for others, and musical achievement. In doing so, our hope is that anyone associated with the Lanier High School Band will make a positive and lasting impact on the world around them.

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