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Join the Lanier Longhorns Band Program

I would like to invite you to participate in the Lanier Longhorns Band Program. Your participation is vital to the ongoing success of our band program and you could play a significant role in this outstanding organization. We sincerely hope you are considering continuing your band experience.


Besides the obvious opportunity for scholarships, most college admissions staff highly value a student’s participation in band as a curricular and extracurricular activity.  In addition, it is our experience that our band program significantly helps overcome the transition difficulties a 9th grader might experience entering high school for the first time.  We establish adult and student peer support before school even starts.  We keep our new members moving in the right direction socially and academically from the moment they join our program.


The band program at Lanier High is very inclusive of students wishing to be involved in multiple activities.  We will work with you on an individual basis in planning how band can fit in to your schedule.  All students, no matter what their playing ability, will be accepted into the marching band and will be placed in the appropriate concert band.


If you have any questions about joining one of our band programs you can contact Ben Tingle.

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