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Welcome to the Lanier Longhorn Band!

We are so pleased you have decided to participate in the Lanier Longhorns Band Program. Your participation is vital to the ongoing success of our band program and you could play a significant role in this outstanding organization!

Besides the obvious opportunity for scholarships, most college admissions staff highly value a student’s participation in band as a curricular and extracurricular activity.  In addition, it is our experience that our band program significantly helps overcome the transition difficulties a 9th grader might experience entering high school for the first time.  We establish adult and student peer support before school even starts.  We keep our new members moving in the right direction socially and academically from the moment they join our program.


The band program at Lanier High is very inclusive of students wishing to be involved in multiple activities.  We will work with you on an individual basis in planning how band can fit in to your schedule.  All students, no matter what their playing ability, will be accepted into the marching band and will be placed in the appropriate concert band. **PLEASE FOLLOW ALL THE STEPS BELOW TO COMPLETE YOUR REGISTRATION.** If you have any questions about joining one of our band programs you can contact our band director, Ben Tingle.


Complete the Band Declaration Form for the 23-24 year. This ensures that we have all the information on hand to register you.


Once your information has been processed,  you will receive an email inviting you to your Cut Time account. This allows us to communicate all band events, account information, volunteer information, and important events.



Complete the Volunteer Sign-Up Form. *Please note that the new band policy requires Concession Stand Volunteering for all families.


Review the fees/payment information for 2023-2024. For any families experiencing financial hardships, please complete the alternative Financial Payment Agreement located in the marching band handbook and email to Mr. Tingle ( for review and approval. 

Deposit ($155)- Due May 1st

2nd Payment ($155)- Due June 1st

3rd Payment ($155)- Due July 1st

4th Payment ($155)- Due August 1st

5th Payment ($155)- Due Sept. 1st

6th Payment ($155)- Due October 1st


For the 2023-2024 school year we will be using Rank One for all our student athletes to have their consent forms signed and physicals uploaded. This is a user-friendly program that can be managed through the app once your account is created.

Instructions for getting started with Rank One.   

  • Go to:

  • Select: Parents Click Here

  • Select: Go to Forms / Georgia / Gwinnett County Schools

  • Review the instructions then Select: Proceed to Online Forms

*For assistance, click: How to Create a Parent Account Guide.

  • You’ll get a confirmation e-mail that your account has been created.

Once the account is set up you can download the app for further updates to your child’s account.


Consent forms:  Once your account has been created, click Forms.  Carefully read each form, complete the required information, place a check in the box to signify that you and your child understand and accept each policy, and then sign your name digitally. 


Physicals:  Complete the Medical History form, print it out and take with you to the doctor who will be conduction the Physical Exam.   Once your physical is complete upload it to your Rank One Account.   The school will approve it and you will be notified. 

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